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5 Mental Blocks That Are You Holding Back

We all know what a life of busyness is all about. There is work, kids sports, TV series catch-ups, family to visit and friends to see. Life is busy and often enough we get caught up in the crazy rat race of trying to do everything plus more. But what do we give up to complete the tick list of daily to-do’s?

We give up self love. We continue to put ourselves last on the daily to-do list. Everyday we settle with and unhealthy mind and body and an unhealthy eating habit. This is common and this heavily impacts on our daily life. We become tired, exhausted and we begin to self loathe. Which leads to all of the mental blocks listed below. These are the most common- 

Mental Blocks

1. Not Putting Aside Time For Yourself

As women we are already fighting against the old school conditioning of women belong at home in the kitchen. We often get caught up in having to have everything done and being perfect everyday. Wake up ladies- it’s 2020 and we have the world at our fingertips. You are not bound to housework and dishes. You can be whoever you want to be and voice this to whoever you want. 

You can take 20 minutes in your day to get that body moving and let those endorphins off. This will relieve stress and any built emotions that have accumulated in the day. I find this to be a perfect way to release any built up emotions. 

2. Not Believing In Yourself

Another mental block- Everyone needs someone to believe in them…….I don’t believe this is true. Not everyone has that one person that solely believes you are going to succeed. So in this case that one person is YOU. You have to believe in yourself. You can rely on yourself to be the number one person to have your back and push you when you need it the most. It will seem difficult and at times it is going to hard but you are a strong independent women and you can do this. 

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3. Falling Back Into Bad Habits

This is a BIG mental block! It is one that holds us back for weeks if not years at a time. What are they? Our own bad habits. These are tough to break through but the good thing is that you CAN break free of old bad habits and embrace new positive life changing habits. Keep practicing the things you want in your life. Make those habits a reality.

TIP- Write down your bad habits and then how you can overcome each one. 

4. Procrastination

The dreaded procrastination. This mental block affects nearly every single person on this planet. Usually it is a way in which you put off the things you know you need to do with the things you don’t need to do. 

Let me give you an example- I need to do my workout today BUT first I will dust, scroll social media, visit a friend or whatever it is you do to stop yourself from doing that one 20 minute workout. Then before you know it, your day is over and there isn’t any time. This is procrastination. 

TIP- Set a time for when you are going to do your workout. No ifs no buts- just get the workout done. 

5. Settling For Less Than You Deserve

This is a big one and often discouraged if spoken about. Ladies please don’t settle for less than you deserve. You deserve to be a fit, healthy and worthy. This is yours for the taking. Often enough we feel tired, worn out and going through life not really knowing our own self worth. Do not settle for anything less than you deserve!!!! Banish that mental block NOW!!

TIP- What do you want? Ask yourself and then work for it. 

mental blocks

Kylie Jane xx

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