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4 Great Reasons To Workout At Home

Workout at home- I love working at home. I love them. It is so easy to pull out a mat, press play and complete one of my workouts. Sometimes there just isn’t enough time to get to or find a gym. I also love working out from home so much because some days I just cannot be bothered. I only have enough energy to do the actual workout. I don’t want to fluff around getting ‘ready’ to go out in public. So on those days I can wear whatever I like and I can workout bare foot. Exercising bare foot has been an absolute game changer for me and has helped with back pain and the occasional tendinitis. I enjoy the freedom working out from home gives me. 

The Pro's Of Working Out From Home

  1. Less Stress and More Time

This is stating the obvious but is a big factor for why working out from home is a definite winner. It eliminates the stress to be ready for a certain time to be at gym class and takes out the driving time to and from the gym. Find a workout you like and get on with it. Max of 20 minutes and you are done. 

2. Choose Your Own Workouts 

The internet is great! You have a variety of workouts online that you can watch anytime, anywhere. There is no such thing as lack of online workouts. A quick search across Youtube and you can just find about anything. 

3. Make Your Workouts Fit In With Your Lifestyle

This one is a big one and is the main reason why females stop exercising or stop going to the gym. Group Fitness classes are great and I love teaching them and I love participating in them but they don’t run all day. Usually there is only a small window during the day where you can attend a class and if you cant make that time slot then you miss out. So why not take it upon yourself to do your classes at home. 

4. Save Your $$

If you are someone that sometimes finds they miss a week at the gym or you only go one time per week then you are throwing away your hard earned cash. As an ex-gym owner I know for a fact that most members only uses 50% of their gym memberships. That’s crazy right!!!! Unfortunately it is extremely difficult to stop and start a gym membership every week so you as a gym member are the one who is forking out the cash without anything in return. 

workout from home

If you are thinking about returning or joining a gym, ask yourself if this is the right decision and look at your other options. Online fitness is fast increasing and is the option that many busy Mum’s, entrepreneurs and travellers are falling back on. Why? Because it works! It’s convenient and you get all the benefits of a gym but at a fraction of the cost with a high return. 

Kylie Jane x