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I am on a mission to bring out your most healthy self, ignite the flame of self-confidence within you and inspire you to step out of your comfort zone. 

Exercising your body, eating well and planting positive thoughts daily.

FitClub Membership

$ 99
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⛔Are you feeling stuck and not sure where to start?

⛔Struggling with lack of time and motivation to exercise and hate the thought of going to the gym. 

⛔Are always saying to yourself that you are going to start on Monday AND NEVER DO?

⛔Have your favourite clothes in your wardrobe that you swear shrank in the wash?

⛔ For women who need someone in their back corner who will keep them accountable everyday!



 WORKOUTS! 🏋🏻‍♀️

  • Interactive Live-stream workouts, Monday-Friday 9.00am and 6.00pm AWST
  • 30-45 minute sessions, with warm up and cool down
  • On-demand video library so you can choose your own workouts 
  • Fun fitness challenges, strength workouts, circuits, HiiT and core blast.
  • Suitable for all levels


  • Included 6 week meal guide to help plan your weekly meals
  • Over 100 recipes inside the members hub
  • Information on understanding macros and calories
  • Bonus ‘Restaurant Guide’ ebook!


  • Bi-weekly group zoom coaching calls in the FitClub Facebook community
  • Bonus Mindset Guide + Daily Tracker to help you stay consistent
  • VIP access to all upcoming 8 week challenges- next challenge starts on the Monday 18th September 2023)
  • Email support and MORE!

FitClub Membership

$ 99
  • 1 x Gold FitClub Membership

The FitClub is here for.....

➡️ For busy, tired women who want to regain their life back

➡️ For women who want a minimum of 20 minutes of exercise per day

➡️ For women who want to learn about nutrition, mindset and build their confidence

➡️ This is for women who want to live a healthy, fit and meaningful life. 

My Transformation Story

Before I became a personal trainer and gym owner I had no clue how to exercise and had no idea what calories were. Each week I used to tell myself that this Monday I was going to start exercising and eating healthy. I told myself that for many years until one day I was sick and tired of the lies I told myself everyday. I needed to change for my kids, I needed to be a good role model for them and most importantly I needed to change for me. 

I started doing bodyweight workouts at home and I started being more conscious of the foods I was eating. Within 6 months I dropped 25 kilos. I felt amazing and I wanted everyone to feel this life changing feeling like I had. So I became a personal trainer and within a year I opened up my own female fitness gym. (Check out the photos below)

Over the years I have coached 1000’s of women and have helped transform them into somebody they admire and inspire. Which is what I want  for you. I want you to inspire yourself and be proud of the person you are everyday. 

Women I've had the pleasure of coaching.

Start your journey and become a FitClub member

Reviews From The Community



If you want to participate in all the classes then you will need a set of dumbbells (I suggest get an adjustable pair from K-mart), and there is one class called HIITSTEP that requires an aerobic step. 

3-4 classes minimum is a great. But it really does need to work with your daily timetable. Exercise everyday is important even if it is just a walk. 

Yes you can but first you need to run this by your specialist. 

You will need internet, you can either use your smartphone, tablet, laptop or connect to your smartTV. You will also need the zoom app which is how the live-stream classes are delivered. 


I understand that not everyone has or wants to spend hours in the kitchen. Some meals (dinners) take 30-45 minutes to prepare and some are super quick and only take 20 minutes. 

This is Saturday’s meal guide. This has an ‘at-home take-away’ night. The meal guide has flexibility with snacks.

The meal guide is to be used as a guide. The guide is a 6 week meal planner that offers healthy, yummy meals. To get an exact amount of calories per week, you will need to work that out on an individual basis. Lots of my clients have used this meal planner and the workouts and have lost up to 20 kilos. 

The meal guide is inclusive of all food groups. You can swap out the meat dishes for a vegetarian one from the recipe hub to ensure you still give your body enough macronutrients. 


Everything is $99 per month. There are no added fees or extra costs involved.

The minimum payment amount is for 3 months. After the 3 months is over it will auto renew for another 3 months until you cancel it.